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DFO Contract*Admin

Moderated Electronic Discussion Group
for the members of DFO Contract*Admin business community

top About DFO Contract*Admin

Moderator: Nahum Goldmann, array (at), ARRAY Development, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

DFO Contract*Admin is an online discussion list for the members of DFO Contract*Admin business community. The discussion will be conducted using email and the Internet/Web. Full text proceedings will be kept on the Net with a password.

To subscribe:
     Send email to
Body of message (NOT Subject): subscribe DFO Contract*Admin

To contribute to discussions:
     Send mail to

top DFO Contract*Admin Discussion Principles

Experience has taught us that this kind of forum can work well, provided we follow a few simple rules:

  1. Focus on one question at a time, rather than several.
  2. Set a clear time limit. This helps keep contributions focused and reminds participants that this process is leading to an eventual output which will be distributed to key decision makers.
  3. Do something useful with the results. Compiling and distributing results is important. Participants will be asked to suggest other appropriate uses as results emerge.

The value of this exercise, both in terms of process and eventual results, lies in its utility to you as a participant. Our goal is to launch a debate that you will find worthwhile and that will generate ideas that you can use.

Evaluation is an important element of any communication project. Your formal and informal comments will assist in refining procedures and ensuring the discussion process achieves the stated objectives.

top Technical Background (for information only)

DFO Contract*Admin is based on DeLiberation Release 1.0, a simple and easy to use Internet/Intranet and Web based conferencing tool developed by ARRAY Development. DeLiberation provides an effective consultative framework for developing a working consensus among a dispersed group of participants, regardless of their familiarity with the Internet technology.

The tool includes a private list server that supports email interaction between participants. To fully take part in the discussion, you need only have access to email. A supporting Web site provides a password protected repository for drafts and final documents, reports submitted by the participants and links to other relevant Internet sites.

The conferencing tool also includes a special engine that automatically translates email into the Web format. The engine provides a "central archive" of all the email contributions collected in a shared hypertext database format. This means individual participants have ready access to information but do not need to organize and maintain this information themselves.

Minimum technical requirements for using the email-based service are:

  • A PC
  • Any LAN or modem-based email connection capable of sending/receiving Internet messages.

As the requirements and preferences for email and Web access may vary, consult your local technical support person for the best hardware/software configuration to use.

top DFO Contract*Admin -- Administrative Notice

Thank you for subscribing to DFO Contract*Admin. This discussion group is sponsored by DFO Contract*Admin. DFO Contract*Admin management is absolutely not responsible for the content of individual messages placed on this list and reserves the right to not to post any message to the group and/or delete all or any message from the Web site.

A Web repository of all contributions and Administrative Tools for the mailing list is located at

This message is being sent monthly to the list. If mail cannot be delivered to you for any reason, your email address will be automatically removed from the list.

top Basic Commands

To get a description of all valid commands:
     Send email to
in the Body of message (NOT the Subject:):

To contribute to the mailing list:
     Send email to

To subscribe to the separate messages version:
     Send email to
in the Body of message (NOT the Subject:):
     subscribe DFO Contract*Admin

To unsubscribe from the separate messages version:
     Send email to
in the Body of message (NOT the Subject:):
     unsubscribe DFO Contract*Admin

Notice the difference between the email addresses for subscribing (listserv) and contributing (DFO Contract*Admin)!

If you believe you have been dropped, you can check your subscription status by sending email to:
in the Body of message (NOT the Subject:):
     query DFO Contract*Admin

If you want to know ALL the ARRAY Development lists to which you are subscribed:
in the Body of message (NOT the Subject:):

Please send any further question about DFO Contract*Admin to:

Any text you wish to share with other participants must be in the body of an email message. Do NOT send attachments. Many participants are not able to receive or decipher them.

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