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PSHRI@ARRAYdev.com discussion group information.

Please note that the mailing address for subscribe/unsubscribe is PSHRI-request@ARRAYdev.com

World Wide Web information about this mailing list is available via http://www.arraydev.com/PSHRI/. Also available via Hypermail Archives http://www.arraydev.com/PSHRI/english/archive/

This Internet mailing list is a way to keep in touch, share information and retain friendship and business connections for all PSHRI partners and clients.

Your contribution to our discussions is much appreciated. Tell about your experiences to every person who you feel would benefit. Everyone is welcomed!

The list is maintained courtesy of the PSHRI http://www.arraydev.com/PSHRI/.. Please send any questions on its maintenance to the list owner (PSHRI-request@ARRAYdev.com). Note that PSHRI is neither responsible nor necessarily shares opinions expressed on the list.

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To contribute to the mailing list, send mail to PSHRI-request@ARRAYdev.com

Notice the difference between the two email addresses for subscribing (PSHRI-request) and posting (PSHRI)!

Send other inquiries to the owner Nahum Goldmann, array (at) ARRAYdev.com.

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