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Recognition, Professional Development and Certification


top Recognition

Each year, in conjunction with our Annual Workshop, PSHRI recognizes exemplary individual and team accomplishments within HR field. Candidates for the Award of Recognition for Excellence in Public Service HR Management acknowledges the significant and ongoing dedication and commitment of public sector employees to a project, team or organization and include members who have made outstanding contributions to the development of professionalism in the public service HR field.

A nominee's activities must:

  • demonstrate exceptional achievement of program objectives;

  • result in significant financial, human resource, or materiel savings or profit;

  • serve the public; or

  • be innovative.

The nominations should be attached to a document (of 200 words or less) describing the nominees' current professional status; a short biography of each individual; and a brief statement outlining the reasons why the nominee is a worthy candidate.

The nominations must be received by the Awards Committee postmarked no later than April 12, 2003. For more information please send us email at PSHRI@ARRAYdev.com.

top PSHRI Annual Workshop

PSHRI Annual Workshop brings together members from across the country to hear invited keynote speakers and participate in breakout sessions covering a range of topics.

The two-day conference offers opportunities to gain important insights, share experiences, and exchange ideas about issues and latest developments in our field.

In addition, an exposition of suppliers is held in conjunction with the Annual Workshop, enabling our members to learn more about products and services that are relevant to the work we do.

Special training seminars are also available on the day prior to the main event.

top Training Courses

In step with constant changes in government HR policies and practices, PSHRI is working to ensure government HR professionals benefit from appropriate training and accreditation. Special training seminars and courses are conducted in Ottawa and at regions at special rates for PSHRI members.

top 2002 Training Course Schedule


top Regional Conferences

PSHRI addresses issues common and unique to various areas across Canada with the help of our regionally-based directors and members. PSHRI organizes regional conferences focused on training and development. Regional conferences and events enable members to provide important input to the PSHRI membership across the country, as well as to the TBS, PSC and head offices of Federal Government agencies.

top Certification

In the fall of 2002, a Professional Development and Certification Steering Committee (PDCSC) has been formed to develop a standardized, government-wide professional development program for the public service Personnel Administration and Human Resource community.

top PDCSC Program Overview

The Professional Development and Certification Program is a key human resource renewal initiative, a fundamental project under the federal government's Modern HR strategy. It also supports the Treasury Board Secretariat's management agenda and commitments outlined in "Results for Canadians: A Management Framework for the Government of Canada" and the Clerk's priorities for the recruitment, retention and continuous learning of a skilled workforce. It is based upon a core knowledge requirement and is composed of two components: a Continuous Learning Component, which includes the courses developed to date and a Certification Component, which is being studied.

The program is designed to enhance the skills, professionalism and value-added contribution of the public service Personnel Administration and Human Resource community across government in the delivery of programs and services to Canadians and the organizations in which they are employed.

The target population are HR practitioners and their supervisors, as well as those who aspire to these positions. Additionally, operational managers who must knowledgeably access the services delivered by these practitioners, and senior managers who receive and are responsible for directing the delivery of these services within their departments are included. The target community is not limited to any specific occupational group or level and includes members from the PG, AS, CR and other related classifications, as well as uniformed personnel.

The development and implementation of a government-wide HR professional development program involves many stakeholders with varied interests. In order to ensure that all stakeholder interests are considered and balanced, the Treasury Board Secretariat will continue to work in partnership with the community and other key stakeholders in the continued evolution of the Program. The community and other stakeholders will be represented on a newly formed Professional Development Advisory Committee and the Continuous Learning Working Group which will play key role during the planning, development and implementation of the Program.

A phased-in approach will be taken over the next five years to deliver a comprehensive government-wide professional development program that supports broader government management priorities including HR Management Reform, the development of an exemplary workforce and recruitment, retention and continuous learning.

We encourage you to share your views and concerns with us in as we continue to work with the community and other stakeholders on this important initiative.