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Healthy Living
Men's Health *
Women's Health *
Children's Health *
Diet and Weight Loss *
Health Food *
Sport and Entertainment
Clubs *
Theaters, Plays and Readings *
Entertainment and Concerts *
Exhibitions and Museums *
Movies and Video Rentals *
Sport Rentals *
Fitness *
The Ottawa Scene *
   iLuvOttawa.com/ *
Airmiles *
Books Exchange *
Chinese Food *
Eating Out *
Finding Apartment *
Malls *
Online Stock Trading *
Pizza *
Selling/Buying Stuff *
   Buy & Sell Press *
   The Buys Network *
   CanSell.com *
Software/Hardware Exchange *
   Fastekk Systems International Inc. *
Tax Centre *
Travel $avings *

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  • Every suggestion accepted for implementation on PSHRI site entitles you to participate in a draw of valuable gifts donated by our sponsors.