ARRAY Development University of Toronto at Scarborough

Individual Presentations

# Web Sites Documents (Restricted Access)
001 What Deals are Being Funded Today and Why?, By Jim Whitaker, Private Equity Summit, Toronto, Nov 30, 2001    
003 Developing the fine art of elevator pitches, By Chris Talbot, Silicon Valley, December, 2000    
004 Marketing to venture capitalists -- part one, By Peter Fillmore, Silicon Valley, December, 2000    
007 404, Host Not Found -- The end of the Web as we know it, By Judith Lewis, LaWeekly, March, 2001    
008 Practicing the Pick and Roll, By Steve Ulfelder, Darwin, March, 2001    
010 Report: B2B Shakeout Yet To Come, By Lori Enos, E-Commerce Times, August 18, 2000 Lincoln Dodevski
013 For Internet Businesses, a Post-Mortem, By Fred Barbash,, January 21, 2001    
016 Dot-Coms: What Have We Learned?, By Jerry Useem, Fortune, October 30, 2000.                                
019 It don't come easy, part 2, By Lawrence Aragon, Red Herring, March 14, 2001                                
022 In search of the best business model, By Jeff Moad, VARBusiness, July 31, 2000 Wang Kwan
025 Ads on Web Don't Click, By David Streitfeld Washington Post, October 29, 2000                                
028 E-Loyalty: Your Secret Weapon on the Web, By Frederick F. Reichheld and Phil Schefter, Harvard Business Review, August 30, 2000 Prasad Vevaina
031 System Support, By Robert Ford, Computer World, August 25, 2000 Ramsammy Nijjar
032 The Secret To Software Success, By Scott Berinato, Issue of CIO Magazine, July 01, 2001    
034 How Infrastructure Became a Sexy Word, By Erick Schonfeld, eCompany, September 01, 2000 Chokshi Patel
037 B2b needs logistics savvy, By Jennifer Baljko Shah, Electronic Buyers' News, July 28, 2000 (see chart) Bou                
040 E-commerce and business use of the Internet, The Daily -By Statistics Canada, August 10, 2000 Omidi Masiar
043 Canadian E-Business Opportunities Roundtable Report, By Industry Canada- Manufacturing and Processing Technologies Branch, February 16, 2000 Leitao               
046 The Yankee Group, The changing shape of the IT services market and its implications for the industry and the channel, Channel Line, Vol. 4, No. 3, November 2000.                              
049 Amazon's President Quits, By Miguel Helft and Eric Young, The Standard, July 25, 2000                              
052 Online Stamp Idea Fails To Stick, By Keith Regan, E-Commerce Times Columnist, July 12, 2000                              
055 Will Stephen King change the publishing industry?, Knowledge@Wharton, Special to CNET, August 3, 2000 Powell               
058 Incubators play survivor , By Julie Landry, Red Herring, January 30, 2001                 
061 Incubators Face Mountain Of Hurt, By Mel Duvall and Connie Guglielmo, Inter@active Week, August 21, 2000 Kinte Zylber
064 Bye Bye, Big Spenders, Say Hello to Tight Budgets - But Be Careful Not to Squeeze Too Hard, By Ruhan Memishi, Internet World, September 1, 2000 Vij Prasad
065 Job security? What job security? CxO.CA, June-July 2001, p. 10.    
067 Vulture Capitalists, Business2.0, November 14, 2000                              
070 VC P.S.: Wanna-be entrepreneurs, part 2, By Lawrence Aragon,, December 27, 2000                              
073 VC P.S.: Wanna-be entrepreneurs, part 3, By Lawrence Aragon,, January 03, 2001                              
076 How Pseudo Could Have Been Saved (or, Confessions of a Would-Be Dot-Com CEO), Jason McCabe Calacanis,, September 28, 2000                              
079 Death of a dot-com, By Raizel Robin,, Oct. 30, 2000                              
082 Jason McCabe Calacanis: The Internet 2.0 Manifesto (or, How To Run Your Business When Rome is Burning), Silicon Alley Daily, November 13, 2000                              
085 Jason McCabe Calacanis on Making, Salon, and Profitable (or Why Interstitials are The Magic Bullet), Silicon Alley Daily, August 18, 2000 Will this proposal work and if not, why?                              
088 Orbitz and Hotwire help airlines lose money, By Bill Carroll, PhoCusWright, Inc., July 12, 2000                              
091 Information Highway Robbery, By Geoffrey Downey, Computer Dealer News, July 28, 2000 Jalsevac               
094 A Star Is Born -- Er, Auctioned, By Jennifer Lee, Business Week, June 30, 2000 A conflict between the new economy and the old laws. Gawen               
097 Analyst Predicts Major Shakeout Among ASPs, By Antone Gonsalves, TechWeb News, August 9, 2000                              
100 Her Majesty's Flying IT Circus, By Malcolm Wheatley, CIO Magazine, August 1, 2000                              
103 Time to money, By Guy Kawasaki, CEO, March 22, 1999                              
106 The ten no-bull axioms of VC, part 1, By Lawrence Aragon,, November 17, 1999                              
109 The ten no-bull axioms of VC, part 2, By Lawrence Aragon,, November 17, 1999                              
112 VC P.S.: Ten myths and realities of VC, part 1, By Lawrence Aragon,, June 14, 2000 Sogomonian.ppt               
115 VC P.S.: Ten myths and realities of VC, part 2, By Lawrence Aragon,, June 21, 2000                              
118 VC P.S.: Ten myths and realities of VC, part 3, By Lawrence Aragon,, June 21, 2000                              
119 The Smart VC: The 16 deadly sins, part 2, By Julie Landry,, 14 Nov 2001                              
121 VC P.S.: Diving for dollars, part 1, By Lawrence Aragon,, August 09, 2000                              
124 VC P.S.: Diving for dollars, part 2, By Lawrence Aragon,, August 16, 2000 Culaba               
127 VC P.S.: How to get funding, By Lawrence Aragon,, August 02, 2000                              
130 Reflections on a dot-com boot camp, By David Jakob, Ottawa Business Journal, May 22, 2000 Lavallee Arora
133 expands, simplifies and succeeds, By Juan Martinez,, June 6, 2000 Ribeiro               
136 Reality Check: The State of E-Commerce, Part I, By Mick Brady, E-Commerce Times, July 11, 2000                              
139 Reality Check: The State of E-Commerce, Part II, By Mick Brady, E-Commerce Times, July 12, 2000                              
142 Rate the Startup: Where You Predict a Dotcom's Future, By Emelie Rutherford, Web Business, August 14, 2000                              
143 Follow the Money: Who's Really Making the Dough?, By Eric Leach and Bill Henslee, Electronic Musician, Nov 1, 2001                              
145 Credit-card fraud has become a nightmare for e-merchants, Julia Angwin, The Wall Street Journal, Sept 19, 2000 Sequeira               
148 Visa Sets Net Security Measures, Reuters, August 9, 2000 Lalla Laroia
150 The Return of Micropayments, By Michael Hurwicz, Webtechniques, December 2001                              
152 Digital Cash Payoff, By Evan I. Schwartz, Technology Review, December 2001