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Draft Announcement and
Administrative Notice

Welcome to the DeLiberation™ Extranet Consultative Framework.

As a Moderator or discussion leader, you will follow a simple procedure to set up your discussion group.

Please fill in the windows below to automatically generate a Draft Announcement and an Administrative Notice. These two important documents will practically define how your discussion group will operate. The completed form will be emailed to you and also send to our Discussion Template Service. Eventually, both documents will be placed on the Discussion Group's support Web site.

The final version of Announcement will be sent to the invited participants for this discussion group to provide initial notification. The Administrative Notice will be automatically emailed to every subscriber immediately after they are connected to the list and also sent monthly to the mailing list.

It is especially important at this stage:

A Moderated Electronic Discussion Group on

Location of the web site related to the list

Discussion Moderator name Email address
Organizational Affiliation
City State/Province Country

Please contact us using email (preferred), fax or by phone, to:
array (at)
Phone: (613)733-0399
Fax: (613)248-4819

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