DeLiberation ARRAY Development

Getting Started with DeLiberation Extranet

The economy, efficiency and flexibility of DeLiberation Extranet make it an ideal tool for a wide range of situations. Some discussions and team collaboration sessions will be very short term and deal with only one issue. Others will be ongoing forums addressing a series of concerns. Short lead times are possible because there is no technology to install and participants use their own, familiar software.

The following is an outline of the simple steps involved in getting your discussion started.

  1. Two to three weeks before you want discussion to begin, contact ARRAY Development to set up the service.

  2. Select either standard or enhanced service.

  3. Complete and submit the template that will notify potential participants and tell them how to join the discussion.

  4. Provide ARRAY Development with email addresses, one per line, of individuals you want to invite to participate.

  5. Review ARRAY Development's guidelines for effective operation of a DeLiberation Extranet discussion.

  6. Provide ARRAY Development with any background material to be made available to discussion participants on the DeLiberation Extranet Web site.

  7. In consultation with ARRAY Development, choose a date for the invitations to be emailed and the service to become functional.

  8. Your discussion has begun. It's as easy as that.

To arrange for your DeLiberation Extranet Service, contact:
array (at)
Phone: (613)733-0399
Fax: (613)248-4819