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Journal of Internet Marketing

ISSN 1480-3798

Editorial Advisory Board

JIM Editorial Board

Nahum Goldmann


Nahum Goldmann has been employed as a manager, scientist and lecturer in leading industrial high-tech firms and academia. Mr. Goldmann has published several critically acclaimed books that deal with knowledge transfer issues. As President of ARRAY Development he leads the development of Extranet-based solutions for use in online procurement and electronic banking and commerce.

Graham Rhind


Graham Rhind has specialised for over 12 years in international address and postal code methodologies, and data management issues, especially pertaining to the Internet. He started by building the European database of Scitex SA in Brussels, and then became Research and Development Director for OTS Group in The Netherlands. He is now an independent consultant and owner of GRC Database Information. His researches have led him to publish three books, "Building and Maintaining a European Direct Marketing Database" (1994) , "Global Source Book for Address Database Management"(1998, updated bi-annually) and "Practical International Data Management - A guide to working with global names and addresses" (October 2001). He is a regular speaker at conferences in both Europe and the United States, and has developed a range of software for optimal international address data standardisation, formatting, validation and de-duplication. He also maintains a busy postal and data management links web site.

Contributing Editors

Mignon Fogarty


Mignon Fogarty currently works as a management and marketing consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. Previously, she was the Vice-President of marketing at 7Software, a company specializing in intranet procurement, the executive producer of GeneticHealth.com, and the editorial director of CaregiverZone.com. Ms. Fogarty holds a B.A. in english from the University of Washington and an M.S. in developmental biology from Stanford University.

Dr Hai Zhuge


Dr. Hai ZHUGE is a full professor at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include: e-commerce model and system, knowledge management, next-generation web, and cooperative process model. He is now leading twenty team members working on the China Knowledge Grid project VEGA-KG. Recently, he has proposed the Resource Space Model RSM and the supported methods and tools for uniformly sharing and managing e-resources across the Internet for the first time. He is the first author of one book and over 50 papers appeared mainly in leading international conferences and the following international journals: IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics; Information and Management; Decision Support Systems; Journal of Systems and Software; Expert Systems with Applications, Knowledge-based Systems; Information and Software Technology; and, Journal of Software. He is playing the editorial roles in several international journals.