Compendium of Internet Banking, Commerce and Security Initiatives

The Compendium is a reader service of our publications. This is your opportunity to briefly describe and draw attention to global developments and achievements in the area of Internet banking, commerce and purchasing. We ask that you identify yourself and provide email or Web addresses where further information about the initiative can be found.

Disclaimer: JIBC, JIP, JIM, JISec and ARRAY Development do not warrant the accuracy of information posted to the Compendium. We are neither responsible for nor necessarily share opinions that may be expressed. We reserve the right to remove any posting at our complete discretion.

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Your Full Name Nahum Goldmann We appreciate your nice message
Email Address Nahum.Goldmann (at) Please leave here descriptions of substantive ecommerce/ebanking initiatives only that advance state-of-the-art.


Nahum Goldmann
Organization ARRAY Development
City Ottawa
Country Canada (CA)
State/Province Ontario (ON)
Site Rating 10
Date: Apr 20, 2003
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