ARRAY Development

Standing Offer Index

In this reengineering and development project we have successfully realized for the Canadian Federal Government's procurement agency (PWGSC) the newly emerging concept of Extranet. Extranet is a private business network of several cooperating organizations. An Extranet service fully utilizes Web/Internet/intranet networking infrastructure. It enables the trading partners, suppliers and customers to form a tight business relationship and a strong communication bond.

Extranet/Web provides a powerful, attractive and inexpensive technology platform for arrangement and distribution of national and regional Standing Offers. SO Extranet is an ideal channel to communicate existence of Standing Offers on goods and services to potential end-users in the departments and agencies. The Standing Offers service is a multibillion dollars operation within the Federal Government. SO Extranet supports a vibrant business model which is essential to the Federal Government's dynamic and interactive acquisition process.

SO Extranet offers current information on Standing Offers and helps PWGSC determine the need for this service and maintain Standing Offer distribution lists. It supports interactive cooperation of PWGSC procurement officers with client departments and vendor community.

Extranet members will have the opportunity to jointly conduct transactional delivery of electronic services. Transactional data are usually stored in a powerful database engine. SO Extranet also offers a private discussion area (Industry Network) which permits the members to exchange ideas and share information and membership lists. The discussion area facillitates collaboration on solving joint problems and on evolving the service further. Such collaboration is an essential part of developing effective services in a fast-paced Internet environment.

Standing Offer Site (Restricted access pilot)