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About DeLiberation™ Extranet Release 2.0

DeLiberation™ Extranet Release 2.0

Developed by ARRAY Development, DeLiberation™ Extranet is a set of highly interactive, easy to use, fast and low-cost online modules that provide vital support for electronic commerce and transactional delivery of administrative services.  DeLiberation™ Extranet is rapidly gaining acceptance in federal government departments and private corporations.  

DeLiberation™ modules include powerful tools for exception management, online help, dispute resolution, peer interaction, online conferencing, electronic collaboration and interactive publishing.   The tools could sustain and support a successful decision-making cycle over an extended time span, helping service vendors to effectively manage, on an individual and group basis, ongoing relations with their clients.

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has said "...all the groupware and videoconferencing is largely a failure up to this point ... all these things are so technically inadequate..." ( Datamation, July 1996).

He made those comments before DeLiberation™ Extranet offered a functional and simple to use team collaboration service that really produces results! Its principal attractions are flexibility, security and a results-oriented focus.  It can save substantial resources, especially for organizations whose staff and other stakeholders are geographically dispersed.


DeLiberation™ Extranet Directory Service: Principal Advantages

Today members expect dynamic links to their associations, but the high capital cost of establishing an online system leaves many associations relying on labor-intensive and expensive manual systems.   An advanced membership management service is now available from ARRAY Development as a secure outsourced service, without onsite staff, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.

Managing member relations using Internet would allow your staff to decrease the resources and money for unproductive phone calls, faxing and paper filing.  Using our service, your organization will also be able to move a substantial share of your communications to email and Web, saving on postage and greatly improving information turn around time and accessibility.   Members' satisfaction will also increase, as they can rapidly update data and communicate with you from anywhere in the country or even the world.

  • Interactive database registrations service usually strains capabilities of even a large company with a dedicated IT development team.  Many corporations cannot afford the full time technical support required to deal with complex Web and email technologies.

  • Transactional outsourcing of database registrations to an ASP also means that you do not have to upgrade hardware and software every 3-6 months, to keep current.  No installation or maintenance is required on your Web server.

  • Interactive directory service also necessitates a full-time service analyst to deal with the integrity of every record submitted to the database.  According to industry sources, average administrative cost per each directory change is about $20. With at least 20% of typical member turnover rates per year, it is easy to calculate the price of maintaining your members' directory online.  ARRAY Development includes this important function in the price of its ongoing service.

  • Intelligent input forms check the integrity of every input field and guide users in properly filling in their records.  Our data input technologies only sanction posting of records that have been checked and verified for accuracy.  This reduces the likelihood that hackers would input erroneous data.

  • Retrieval forms permit precise selection of records based on one or more predefined fields in the database, with minimal or no typing required by the user.

  • Your membership lists will always be up-to-date.  As your members are able to update their records online, the likelihood of name or address misspellings is minimal.

  • Security is ensured by various means, including password maintenance for record updates and comprehensive email notification capabilities for every change in the record, including record deletion.  At the client's request, database or its segments can be accessible only on corporate intranet or through the open Internet, with or without passwords.  Using optional alternate contact fields, you can also keep track of members who suddenly stop communicating with you.

  • Our reasonable service prices start from just $1,000/month; i.e., it would cost you only a fraction of the costs that you would have to incur for a similar service if you were developing, maintaining, and running it in-house.

  • ARRAY Development has many complementary services as a part of its DeLiberation™ Extranet offering.  For example, we can make an email list server available to you, maintain a central archive of email contributions, a text search engine, access statistics engine, password monitoring, anonymous postings server, guestbook, interactive feedback forms, questionnaires and surveys.  All such services would drastically reduce the costs of dealing with your members and make your Web site truly interactive.


Standard DeLiberation Service

It is quite rational to start this service with just several participants, although it can grow really fast, supporting thousands of users within an organization or across the world.

  • Open or Password Protected.
  • Private email list server (included)
  • Central archive of email contributions (included)
  • Service technical maintenance (included)


    Enhanced DeLiberation Service

    Includes the Standard Service plus the following elements:

  • Web repository (up to 200 standard pages)
  • Moderator Counseling
  • Use of templates
  • Maintaining members lists

    Added-value options:

  • Implementing logical hypermedia links
  • Satisfying government requirements
  • Transferring documents to HTML (up to _____standard pages)
  • HTML training.
  • Links to other relevant Internet sites
  • A special mailing list for communications with the project team
  • A text search engine
  • Access statistics engine
  • Web utility for administering list commands
  • Password monitoring
  • Use of the Moderator's Editor
  • A guestbook
  • Interactive feedback forms (up to ____ forms)
  • Questionnaires and surveys


    DeLiberation™ Extranet: Applications and Affordability

    DeLiberation™ Extranet has been used successfully by ARRAY Development to support numerous forums in government and industry.   These forums range from password protected, mission critical sites for several executives to an open electronic discussion group for experts (IBC-Forum).   We also use DeLiberation™ Extranet to support electronic journals like the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce which has nearly 1,000 subscribers.

    Another example is a service supporting the online meetings of a committee chaired by a Director General for a large government department.   The group includes up to 150 participants from numerous federal and provincial government agencies, NGOs and industrial organizations that are physically located from Halifax to Vancouver. Many users of these services have a minimal level of Internet literacy and would not use a complex, non-intuitive system.

    DeLiberation™ Extranet service is surprisingly affordable.   The reasonable monthly service fee is not affected by the distance between participants, the number of messages they exchange or the total time they spend online.   There are no long distance phone charges. Unlike other consultative services, DeLiberation™ Extranet does not force users to buy a new computer, to install special software packages or to learn new technical skills.   Instead, it uses only familiar, widely available tools that are commonly installed on many personal computers. Individuals can participate at their own convenience, 24 hours a day.   Indeed, many busy executives prefer to contribute to discussions from their homes.

    Keeping the system simple cuts costs and improves efficiency.   DeLiberation™ Extranet dramatically reduces the time to circulate draft documents, receive comments, and to reach a consensus on action.   Experience suggests use of DeLiberation™ Extranet can save clients as much as 25% over the term of a consultation cycle compared to running other commercially available online systems or to much more complex and expensive proprietary groupware.

    ARRAY Development takes care of all the technical details of ongoing consultations and helps the moderator ensure a successful outcome.  This support includes maintaining a list server and setting up a password protected Web site.  The DeLiberation™ Extranet Web site includes a repository for discussion documents and a searchable archive of email contributions.   We provide the moderator with the templates of numerous forms and online announcements to launch and sustain consultations.  We advise discussion leaders on ways to keep consultations productive and focused on consensus building among participants. Many online forums fail because they lack such a clearly defined decision making arrangement.

    The DeLiberation™ Extranet is just one of many creative and effective business solutions available from ARRAY Development.   Our company offers the breadth of consulting expertise and a portfolio of proven solutions that unleash the full potential of Internet/intranet.

    ARRAY Development is helping many organizations improve corporate communications and make effective use of electronic publishing and transactional delivery of services by developing functional, well focused and visible Web sites.  Please contact the undersigned to obtain more information on the DeLiberation™ Extranet and to arrange an executive presentation.


  • To arrange for your DeLiberation™ Extranet Service, contact:
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    Phone: (613)733-0399
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