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Offshore Software Developers

  • ARRAY Development has opportunities for offshore subcontractors with strong specialization in Vista/Windows/Servers environment, high quality programming output and competitive rates. To save time and effort for both parties, before submitting your application, please research "typical" rates in Canada for software developers (e.g., see Canadian Government data and search for programmers in the Province of Ontario, select All geographic areas). If your labor rates are the same or even higher than that typically charged in the North America, please help us to formulate how we can justify such high rates to our own clients.

  • Subcontractors must have direct access to Internet and maintain a Web site.

  • Required skills are in the areas of Web Server development, TCP/IP and email list management, Internet security solutions and Perl for Windows Vista 64-bit, C, Visual C++, C# and MS Access/SQL development. Familiarity with Windows Vista/Microsoft Server 2008 64-bit development environment, Microsoft Managed Service Provision (MSP), Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support, xHTML/Web document development and proficiency in conversational and technical English is desirable. Creativity and exposure to Unix, technical writing, graphic design and multimedia would be an asset. Some knowledge of French might be valuable.

  • We also engage aggressive business, marketing and information science students from around the globe who have good command of English and are interested in ongoing directory research in conjunction with their studies and aspirations.

If your company is interested, please complete and email the form below. Please do not call or fax. We will not consider any submission that is not in the email text format.

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