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Offshore Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO)

  • ARRAY Development is currently offering strategic partnership opportunities to offshore Knowledge Processing Outsourcing (KPO) subcontractors with strong specialization in Accounting Processing Outsourcing (APO), Legal Processing Outsourcing (LPO), banking financial/insurance processing outsourcing, IT/security processing outsourcing, American English technical writing/editing, and competitive rates. Most outsourcing opportunities that we are involved in are mainly in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It means that we have to deal with them quite differently than with the larger companies.

  • To save time and effort for both parties, before submitting your application, please research "typical" rates in the US and Canada for your area of KPO specialization (e.g., see Canada Salary and Wage data or see US earning stats for various occupations). If your KPO labor rates are the same or even higher than that typically charged in the North America, please help us to formulate how we can justify your high rates to our own clients.

  • Subcontractors must have direct access to Internet and also possess advanced computer skills in support of KPO professional activities.

  • We also engage aggressive business, marketing and information science students from around the globe who have good command of English and are interested in ongoing directory research in conjunction with their studies and aspirations.

If your company is interested, please complete and email the form below. Please do not call or fax. We will not consider any submission that is not in the email text format.

Required FieldCompany name
Required FieldContact name and title
Required FieldEmail address
Web homepage
Required FieldCity, Province, Country
Required FieldNumber of KPO professionals
Required FieldBriefly describe areas of special expertise, geographic and vertical markets in which you specialize. Do you primarily service Fortune 1000 corporations or other size companies?
Required FieldPlease give brief examples of contracts performed
Required FieldAre you a subsidiary or closely related to any other firm in your country or abroad? Please describe.
Required FieldPlease briefly describe professional certifications and designations your firm or KPO personnel have
Required FieldPlease briefly describe accounting or legal support packages and office support tools that your company is familiar with, including Word, Excel, security/antivirus, data encryption, WinZip, PDF, Skype, scan/OCR - do you use them? Which versions? If you are an accounting firm, which accounting software you are using; particularly are you able to handle files in the QuickBooks Premium 2012 format? We'd also appreciate a brief description of your LAN.
Required FieldPlease briefly describe your IT resource/help desk capabilities in support of doing your KPO job and interacting with your clients, in particular their experience with Microsoft, Vista, servers, security and 64-bit hardware, if any.
Required FieldYour typical hourly rates in Canadian dollars for senior KPO professionals that you represent (i.e., chartered accountants with 10 years experience and highly familiar with Western accounting standards) CD$
Required FieldYour typical hourly rates in Canadian dollars for junior KPO professionals that you represent (i.e., new grad lawyers, support engineers or technical editors) CD$
Required FieldYour typical hourly rates in Canadian dollars for KPO paraprofessionals that you represent (i.e., bookkeepers, paralegals, or Microsoft certified LAN technicians) CD$
Required FieldYour typical hourly rates in Canadian dollars for KPO clerks, data input and legal secretarial support that you represent? CD$
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