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Part Time High School Students Wanted

  • ARRAY Development has opportunities for part time high school students from Ottawa, Canada area employed as junior Internet searchers and document developers. These particular positions do not require presence in our office, i.e., we are looking for people who have direct access to Internet and are able to telecommute all year around from home for about 2 hours a day and hence feel comfortable with daily email and Internet use.

  • The job requires strong knowledge of Word for Windows, HTML, email use and Internet searching. You have to have good grades at school, be highly dependable and dedicated, able to handle routine tasks consistently without supervision, know the value of time and be absolutely committed to not missing agreed deadlines. Familiarity with Internet culture, search engines, Usenet, ezines and Web document development, and proficiency in conversational and writing English is mandatory. Creativity, library cataloging experience and some exposure to French, arts and multimedia would be an asset.

  • We also engage aggressive university-level business, marketing and information science students from around the globe who have a good command of English and are interested in ongoing directory research in conjunction with their studies and aspirations.

If you are interested, please complete and submit the form below. Please do not call or fax. We will not consider any messages that are not submitted through this form.

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