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Corporate Profile

top Brief Description

ARRAY Development has an excellent track record in helping leading corporations and government agencies with the business transformation that ensures their competitiveness and profitability. We conceptualize, develop, secure, operate and market advanced digitization solutions for ebanking, ecommerce, eprocurement, B2B enterprises, SMEs and the government. We have extensive knowledge of government/regulatory practices in the transactional delivery of financial, insurance and administrative services. We develop business vision, transactional costing, security environment and functional specifications for business and payment communities. Our motto is "We make your ecommerce profitable™".

ARRAY Development has attracted a sophisticated and experienced leadership team. Our entrepreneurial leadership team members believe in the power of the New Economy to change our world for the better. They bring to the table exceptional intellectual, business, marketing, financial, agile development and networking support. But most important of all, they bring a passion to succeed and a desire to share it.

Our focus is to accelerate, differentiate and increase our clients' competitive edge in the new economy. We have both deep business transformation knowledge and leading-edge technical implementation capabilities. Our objective is always to help you to make money from it. If you couldn't make it profitable or rationalize its existence, we typically won't recommend you to proceed.

We would work with you on conceptualizing what you really need and what would work with your clients, and implement it fast. We take a longer view and usually work on a project basis, i.e., you would know exactly how much you have to pay at the start of the project.

Our Company has pioneered the use of the Extranet technology platform to restructure corporate mission-critical applications for Business-to-Business (B2B and B2B2C) and Government-to-Business (G2B) Internet commerce, procurement, travel administration and transactional delivery of administrative and government services.

top Mission Statement

ARRAY Development uses Extranet technology platform to drive corporate business transformation, restructure mission-critical applications in Internet commerce and governance (iCommerce and iGovernance), and develop new distribution channels for transactional delivery of administrative services, online consultations and business-to-business procurement.

top Principal Thrusts

ARRAY Development leads business transformation, develops Extranet-based solutions for transactional delivery of administrative services and procurement, and publishes professional journals and Internet directories.

  • As a consultant on business transformation, ARRAY Development leads implementation of business process reengineering solutions for corporate mission-critical applications. We help government organizations and private corporations to better serve their clients by implementing innovative online commerce, governance and procurement solutions. In particular, we have assisted numerous Canadian Government agencies in the adoption and application of Internet technologies, have done much research on iGovernance, and understand well the unique characteristics of the public sector requirements. Numerous examples of our business transformation projects for industrial corporations and public sector organizations, universities, R&D labs, high-tech companies, publishers, and libraries are presented on page

  • By conducting profitability analysis of ecommerce services, we increase success rate; provide scalability, reliability, and speed; reduce operational costs; and ensure customer loyalty and retention. Our original transactional optimization methodology provides substantial competitive advantage in the strategic positioning of B2B and SME ebanking/ecommerce/eprocurement initiatives. Based on the service architecture and costing of hundreds of critical cost components (computerized and human), we can understand service viability and select suitable technology platform architecture. We conduct process reengineering, sensible risk and security assessment, development of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Internet B2B payment solutions; agile technology development, structuring of back office support units -- both outsourced and internal.

  • Development of advanced Vista 64-bit MSP technology platform architecture and services for SME B2B companies and financial institutions. We use low cost Wintel 64-bit client/server solutions to provide smaller firms and financial institutions with comprehensive and proactive systems management services that secure their mission critical applications and remotely monitor the health of their key network assets, allowing us to identify and fix problems before they impact the business. Our unique methodology makes it affordable for small to mid-sized businesses to benefit from the people, processes and technology typically associated with Fortune 500 budgets.

  • As a Publisher of professional journals and Internet directories, ARRAY Development is involved in information gathering and dissemination on Internet, including electronic publishing of specialized journals (Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce - JIBC), directories (Directory of Diplomatic Representatives in Canada, Internet Directory of Catalogs), etc. For the list of our interactive Internet publications, see

top The Approach

A vibrant Extranet Business Community (EBC) consists of many dozens of customizable technical modules and non-technical enablers that we integrate for cooperating partners, customers and suppliers. In many cases, an Extranet prototype is developed to model the reengineered business operations of the client. Detailed management analysis is conducted for every business line -- to define a rational information flow, develop technology enablers and optimize strategic infrastructure.

ARRAY Development is among the first firms in the world to build a methodology of corporate business transformation based on the concept of the Extranet Business Community. Our original business transformation management framework and the "agile development" change management approach adopted by the Company is effective in guiding government organizations and private corporations committed to making a fundamental transition -- from a well-respected but perhaps outdated service, to a lean electronic commerce organization. In fact, this combination of skills is unique in the industry.

For more information on various aspects of our "business transformation through rapid prototyping and piloting" framework, see corporate publications at:

top The Results

ARRAY Development's services enable organizations to redefine themselves as advanced knowledge factories. A prime objective is to help client organizations avoid frustrating and costly mistakes that are common in the fast-paced online technology innovation area. An incremental approach to change is promoted, building on core competencies and the competitive advantage provided by skills of key corporate personnel.

In the course of these projects, we have helped leading private corporations and government agencies to develop sophisticated and functional Extranet Business Communities that consist of the Internet, intranet, Extranet and Web sites. Extranet Business Communities support swift introduction and rapid acceptance of novel products and services.

top Description of Facilities

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ADDSecure.Net™ is a security auditing service to probe integrity of Web Sites. This important initiative is being offered to corporations, government agencies and financial institutions that must maintain data on their Web sites. ADDSecure.Net Inc. also actively encourages Internet service providers, Web developers, accounting, insurance brokerage and computer security firms to participate in reselling this new service.