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Course MGTC50H3
Building Internet Commerce Ventures


Nahum Goldmann <array (at)>
Sandford Borins

September 11 to December 4, Mondays, 19:00 to 21:00

Examination: Tuesday, December 19, 19:00 to 20:00


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The Division of Management at the University of Toronto at Scarborough is introducing a new course, MGTC50H3 Building Internet Commerce Ventures, set to take place during the Fall 2000 semester. This highly interactive hands-on course will provide students with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to develop an Internet commerce (iCommerce) enterprise or to organize online transactional delivery of administrative services within a government agency.

Our lectures will introduce a new fundamental concept of the Extranet Business Community, describing what it consists of, what makes it different from conventional ways of running a business, and how much it might cost. Proactively cooperating online in small teams, students will be expected to create an original iCommerce enterprise (typically, a B2B or G2B ASP). As well, every student will be assigned to write a predefined segment of a Business Plan for an iCommerce or iGovernance enterprise. Venture capitalists and top civil servants will be involved in the evaluation of assignment results.


MGTC50 Interviews and News Stories

Division of Management News Story:

New Course Keeps Students Hopping! The MGTC50 course-Building Internet Commerce Ventures-has students talking.


Business Plan: Key Questions

Note: Your overall presentation can never exceed 12 PowerPoint viewgraphs!

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# Key Questions Comments
1) Who are you? Outline the Management Team, esp. CEO, CMO and CFO capabilities, as well as your technological and communications resources. Stress your credentials-- general and in the business space that you plan to win at.
2) What is your business proposition and how to make it profitable? Stress profitability, uniquness and show how it is different from the leading offline incumbents -- besides being online. Describe how in this industry the new online ASP environment be able to replace the traditional face-to-face personal interactions,
3) Where are the main markets geographically and vertically? Please address whether you have found a business mechanism that replaces the old-paradigm face-to-face market intearction -- or a way to integrate it into interaction without incurring the labor costs. Do you absolutely have to partner with the traditional offline companies and how do you plan to approach then and to overcome barriers to such partnerships?
4) What is the state of the competition and who are your key competitors? Outline the overall environment and specify your top 3 leading offline and online competitors in the world. Note whether in the old (curent) paradigm any of the offline wholesalers /retailers dominate this commercial space or it is totally fractionalized and nobody dominates.
5) Why would you succeed where everybody else is failing? Stress differentiation and a business solution, not just a technology. If you plan to partner with the the leading offline incumbents specify how you would approach their key decision makers and why they would partner with you personally.
6) What do you need to get started and how do you plan to run? Provide 3 years Income Statement Projections (1 slide, first year on a quarterly basis, second and third annual only), and Start-up Expenses and Operating Capital (1 slide)


Individual Presentations


Fall 2000 Teams and Business Plans

# Business Plan Business Web Site
1) Apptech Inc. (Restricted Access) Apptech Inc.
2) Ingenious Sites Inc. (Restricted Access) Ingenious Sites Inc.
3) VirtueCard Inc. (Restricted Access) VirtueCard Inc.
4) DaytaCare (Restricted Access) DaytaCare
5) Vector Centure Capital (Restricted Access) Vector Venture Capital


Invited Guests

Date Name Company URL or Email address
2000-09-18 David Latner XDL Capital Corp.
Term Sheet
2000-09-25 Gary Tyreman itemus inc.
2000-10-02 Christopher Bulger e Lab Technology Ventures Inc.
2000-10-09 Yom Kippur, Thanksgiving    
2000-10-16 Howard Burshtein Cassels Brock & Blackwell
2000-10-23 Brenda Cane YorktonSecurities
2000-10-30 Gary Rubinoff J.L. Albright Partners
2000-11-06 Michael Jordan Ontario Management Board Secretariat
2000-11-13 Tom Graham Canadian Venture Exchange
2000-11-20 David Lawee Mosaic Venture Partners
2000-11-27 David Shindler Milestone Medica Corp.
2000-12-04 Nick Jones


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VC Sources and Accelerators

  The University of Toronto Innovations Foundation
  Toronto Venture Group
  Canadian Venture Capital Association
  Ascenso Development Group
  The Entree Venture Capital Network
  Genesis Group - Venture Capital
  Decision Point International
  Green Tree Financial Services Corporation
  ideaPARK Inc.
  The Banyan Effect, the Canadian Bootcamp for Internet Startups
  Angel Society
  Angel Advisor


Web Sites

  Dot-com Failures -- a deathwatch for Internet companies Directory
  Social, Ethical and Environmental Investing and Corporate Accountability
  Business Week's top business graduate schools ranking and profiles
  Electronic Commerce in Canada
  The E-Commerce Advisor™
  MBA Jungle
  Ecommerce Times


Articles and Reports

Top 50 Internet Companies, Internet World, September 15, 1999
The New Ten Commandments, Business2, December 15, 2000
Ecommerce revenues by categories, KMWorld, June 2000
Killer E-Business Apps,, October 11, 2000
Opportunity Matrix (produced by a leading ERP vendor), 1999
The Caring Extranet: Implementing Extranet Business Communities By Nahum Goldmann,, Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce (JIBC), October 1999, vol. 4, no. 1 To rapidly restructure itself, an organization needs to establish a special framework, a multiphase program for managing the transition process. This article describes how to define such a framework. It introduces a new fundamental concept of the Extranet Business Community and describes what it consists of, what makes it different from conventional ways of running a business, and how much it might cost.
Implementing Extranet Business Communities, zipped rtf, By Nahum Goldmann,, The Journal of Electronic Commerce, 1999, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 14-24
Communities of Practice Learning As A Social System, By Etienne Wenger
10 Critical Success Factors in Building Communities of Practice, By Richard McDermott, Ph.D.
The Critical Role of Independent Security Audits By Nahum Goldmann and Ed Orton
Web Integrators Buy Online, By Jennifer D'Alessandro, VARBusiness, August 7, 2000 pp. 66-67,



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High Tech Start Up : The Complete Handbook for Creating Successful New High Tech Companies, by John L. Nesheim
Technology Valuation Publications


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