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General Descriptions

* About DeLiberation™ Extranet Release 2.0
* DeLiberation™ Extranet Directory Service: Principal Advantages
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DeLiberation™ Extranet: Examples of Implementation

* NST-ITT: A national, tripartite discussion group was using DeLiberation™ Extranet to develop sector strategies and action plans for Canada's International Business Strategy (CIBS). Of all the sectoral groups working on the strategy, NST-ITT was the only one to use DeLiberation™ Extranet and the only one to achieve its goals in terms of timely decisions and consensus.
* Contracts Canada Buyer Information Service, that has been developed and is currently maintained by ARRAY Development for Public Works and Government Services Canada. It is an example of "filtered" low-cost self-updating registration service that helps to maintain and enhance an ongoing relationship with the clients, suppliers and key stakeholders using open Internet.


Presentations and Background Materials

* Press Release DeLiberation™ Extranet: A Framework for Action
* Nahum Goldmann, The Caring Extranet: Implementing Extranet Business Communities, Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce (JIBC), October 1999, vol. 4, no. 1
To rapidly restructure itself, an organization needs to establish a special framework, a multiphase program for managing the transition process. This article describes how to define such a framework. It introduces a new fundamental concept of the Extranet Business Community and describes what it consists of, what makes it different from conventional ways of running a business, and how much it might cost.
* Nahum Goldmann, Implementing Extranet Business Communities, The Journal of Electronic Commerce, 1999, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 14-24 (zipped, rtf format)
*  Building Extranet Business Communities By Nahum Goldmann (presented at CASCON98)

* Look at IBC-Forum to see what happens when you rely on technology alone to support the discussion. A critical element of DeLiberation™ Extranet services is moderator support, including training on how to start and focus a discussion that will produce decisions, consensus and a sense of achievement for participants.
* The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce and Journal of Internet Purchasing use DeLiberation™ Extranet to inform professionals and support discussions of electronic banking, purchasing and commerce issues.
* The Natural Life Cycle of Lists describes the typical evolution of an open, unmoderated discussion group. It illustrates what can happen without DeLiberation™ Extranet training and ongoing support to maintain discussions that are focused and productive.
* Ten Good Deeds in Web Design describes simple but effective design elements to increase the usability of Web sites and top-ten mistakes in design.
* Email Layout and Text Editors describes the use and layout of text files in email messages.


Administrative Tools

* DeLiberation™ Extranet Release 1.0 Service Contract
* Draft Announcement and Administrative Notice (restricted access)
* Reengineering templates (private service)

* DeLiberation™ Extranet Admin Utilities (private service)
* Moderator's Editor, release 1.1