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Journal of Internet Purchasing

About JIP

The Journal of Internet Purchasing uses DeLiberation™ Extranet to inform professionals and support discussions of electronic banking and commerce issues. DeLiberation™ Extranet can be used as a rich-featured interactive publishing framework for distribution of professional and scientific journals.

Concise versions of Journal issues are emailed to subscribers bi-monthly. The Journal's web site supports publication of substantive analytical articles by including archives of email issues and of full text articles in the HTML format.

Interactive tools, such as an Electronic Discussion Forum and a Compendium of Publications and Initiatives support formation of a dedicated community of readers and leading experts. Numerous tools are also used to efficiently administer subsription and support activities for thousands of readers.

JIP Announcement

JIP is the leading edge publication which informs purchasing professionals and executives on principal developments, benchmark practices, and future trends in the Internet-based purchasing practices of governments and industry. This free online interactive journal is a way to keep in touch, to share information, and to establish business contacts (networking) for worldwide purchasing professionals who specialize in electronic commerce solutions.

JIP invites purchasing professionals, academicians and publishers to submit important announcements, original articles, guest columns and significant feature presentations. We also welcome surveys, book reviews and letters to the Editor. Technical discussions in highly specialized areas of expertise will be kept to an absolute minimum.

JIP is formally issued every two months when an email summary of current articles is distributed to subscribers. The full text of articles is posted on the JIP Web site at http://www.ARRAYdev.com/commerce/JIP/current.asp.

The publication is complemented by the Compendium of Internet Purchasing Initiatives which supports brief, timely and practical notices of global developments. Compendium is for up-to-the-minute user comments pending more in-depth analysis by the experts who submit JIP articles.

In JIP you will find informed discussion of the latest internet-based purchasing trends and practices from around the world. Our priority is quality, not quantity. We want to maintain JIP as a service that provides substantial information and an effective forum for your articles, your letters, your insights and ideas.

The Journal is maintained and published courtesy of ARRAY Development of Ottawa, Canada (http://www.ARRAYdev.com/).

Publisher Nahum Goldmann is at array (at) ARRAYdev.com.

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