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* Suggest new features for DeLiberation™ Financial Calculator
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Currently, the calculator calculates the interest at each point the interest rate or principal value changes. One feature to consider adding is an option for the user to select when exactly the interest in calculated. For example, banks usually calculate interest on the last business day of each month.


We need to provide different currency formats. Perhaps we can provide a jump to the site, picking up today's course on particular currency and making required calculations on our own


Show amortization table.


One feature that we could incorporate is that it allows a choice of calculating monthly payments (given principal value) or principal value (given monthly payments). We could put a selector on the first page like Calculate What? - Principal, Interest or Periodic Payments.


Allow for compound interest by the second, minute and hour.


Allow for periodic contributions to be by the hour, minute or second.


Allow for date intervals to be minutes or seconds.


Incorporate is an initial payments/down payment that allows a deduction from the initial principal.


The Calculator's should eventually be able to handle an unlimited number of functions which are user-defined. i.e.physics, general math, unit conversion, etc. We can actually build libraries of functions - One for finance, one for geometry, one for physics, etc.


A Calculator Installation Wizard can be provided to perform the initial software installation of the Financial Calculator on the main server.


We have a 15 mortagage on our home. Balance of $111,000 at 7.25 interest and our payments are $1, 186. We pay once a month and we would like to know the difference if we were to pay bi-weekly. How much faster would the mortagage be retired versus a monthy payments JR Mckay -- Carolyn McKay


I,m interested in re-financing my homeloan. my house is appraised at around 130,000 I owe circa $65,000. I'd like to re-do the note in some form so as to give me around $75,000. Current loan is a std. 30 yr. with B of A at 8.2%. Would like to go 15 yrs if poss. I got your URL out of the Oregonian.

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