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top A Powerful Internet Application

The DeLiberation™ Financial Calculator is a powerful and versatile Internet application. Clients of financial institutions, as well as professional financial advisers, can use this application to conduct complex financial calculations.

The DeLiberation™ Financial Calculator is available as a customized module for your website. Please email your requirements to us and we will be happy to quote you on this product. The latest version of this versatile calculator comes with a set of financial functions that can be used for a multitude of website transactions.

Clients of banks and other financial institutions can calculate the growth of savings and investments with time. Loan value calculations are handy for calculating student loans, demonstrating the size of debt consolidation, or having potential customers check if they are eligible for car loans and mortgages.

Interest can be calculated on a regular or compound basis, and compounded annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily or even by the hour. The calculator allows the rate to fluctuate throughout the interest period.

top Advantages

Our Calculator is among the fastest on the Internet. It possesses a clear and simple interface easily understood by users unfamiliar with financial terminology. This, however, does not take away from its accuracy or sophistication and does not impede more advanced users with superfluous text and instructions.

The utmost care has been taken to validate numerous financial formulas and algorithms used by our Calculator. As a result, unlike many other Internet calculators, it is fully consistent with the complex mainstream formulas and tables widely used by the financial industry around the globe.

The DeLiberation™ Financial Calculator can be easily integrated into and customized for any financial website. The look and feel of the calculator and presentation of financial notations can be accommodated to suit the needs of the website owners and clients from around the globe. Specific functions can be added and removed as required. The calculator could be changed, for example, to automatically lookup interest rates from programmed-in tables instead of having the user enter them.

Unlike most calculators on the Internet, the DeLiberation™ Financial Calculator is not a client-executed application. Because the program is not actually downloaded into the user's computer, there is a faster loadtime and less danger of security breaches. Moreover, its use is not impeded by the user's hardware, operating system or browser.

We will customize the DeLiberation™ Financial Calculator to be in line with your organization's financial services so your clients can realize even more value from its use.

top Hardware and Software

Written in XML and Perl, the DeLiberation™ Financial Calculator consists of thousands lines of code. The server can reside on any inexpensive, readily available, mature and stable hardware that could support Windows 2000 and MS IIS platform. If required, Perl provides easy portability to the Unix environment, as it was originally developed for it.

Many financial institutions currently mandate the use of such technology platform as the only one that they are willing to support. The product has been developed to be easily scaled up by porting it to the mainstream Web hosting services, as there is nothing in the technology platform or architecture that requires running a proprietary platform.

We have selected xHTML, a subset of XML, as a well-structured document development application standard. xHTML is currently the only XML schema that can be used as a development rather than experimental platform and can be displayed by the newest browsers on the market. As the XML standard matures, we plan to use other schemas that will be universally supported, i.e., do not require installation of proprietary applications on the user desktop.

The Calculator's server supports sophisticated interactive forms, multi-field intelligent inputs, in-context instructions and other transactions, feedback and exception-management tools compelled by its demanding functionality. Users can access the DeLiberation™ Financial Calculator through all commonly used Web browsers.

Even though an Internet-based technology platform always requires constant improvements and updates, our main technology strategy is to upgrade as we go and implement new competitive features with advances in Internet and evolvement in customer preferences.

top Security Requirements

Our technology platform is much faster and inherently more secure than would be applet-based implementations. Applets have a well-documented tendency to freeze older workstations.

Many organizations ban the use of applets on local browsers or strip them from the Web pages using a firewall or a proxy server. Our technology platform does not overburden client organizations with the need to change their security policies.

top Our Guarantee

Our Company guarantees high-quality services to our clients worldwide.

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Are you a corporation that is looking for a value-added partner to support your penetration of financial marketplace? A strategic alliance partnership with ARRAY Development brings the experience of the leading developer of Internet financial services along with a well respected name that your customers will trust.

Our company is actively looking to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. If you would like more information on exploring a Strategic Alliances Partnership, please send us an email.

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